How Nutrition Affects Cardiovascular Health

There are behaviors that the American Heart Association recommends for good cardiovascular health and good health over all, including avoiding smoking, keeping your weight at a healthy level and exercising regularly.

Health Exams That Promote Cardiovascular Health

An optimal blood pressure is good to maintain, as are good blood glucose levels and good total cholesterol. The AHA has best ranges for these numbers and it is best if no medication is required to maintain them.

Once, the American Heart Association, the American Diabetic Association and the American Cancer Association limited their attentions to one disease at a time, but their views have changed. It is believed that all these conditions are linked and better overall health is better than just taking care of your heart or some other singular organ. There are recommendations doctors and other health professionals commonly make regarding good cardiovascular health, divided into tips for adults and children. They include:

- Smoking and Cardiovascular Health:

- Adults: It is never too soon to quit smoking. The earlier you decide to quit, the better it
is for your health. You may be surprised at how quickly your lungs get back to normal, which
will not only help out your lungs, but your heart as well.

- Children: It is very hard to quit smoking once you’ve started, so it’s best to never start at all.

- BMI and Cardiovascular Health:

- Adults: A healthy weight is always important, but that should be accomplished by a healthy diet that a doctor can recommend, not the fad of the day. These fly-by-night diets often work by ignoring an entire food group or by some concept that sounds completely outlandish – often because they are completely outlandish. Pounds lost with fad diets are typically water weight, which will return quickly as soon as you stray from the diet. A good diet will cause slow steady weight loss. This weight loss will be much easier to maintain. If it is difficult for you to lose weight, the first step should be to prevent further weight gain. It is also important to note where the extra weight is carried. Someone who has more of an apple shape is more at risk than someone who is pear shaped.

- Children: It is healthy for children to be active, meaning at least an hour of physical activity each day. Eating healthy food is just as important for a child as it is for an adult. Not only should there be an hour of physical activity, but there should be a period each day where no screen time is allowed, including television, computers, video consoles and so forth.

- A Healthy Diet and Cardiovascular Health

- Adults: You can never go wrong with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Avoid fried foods and those with added salt, and eat only healthy fats. Your protein should be derived from lean meats and plant sources. The best plant source is soy, which is the only complete plant protein.

- Children: Don’t force children to clean their plates. If they are full, they shouldn’t eat anymore. Your children aren’t going to starve. They’ll eat when they’re hungry. Just give them healthy food and try smaller portions.

Modern Guidelines

The American Heart Association has created a chart that has three levels of general health rated poor, intermediate and optimal. It creates the grade based on your diet and other behaviors. You could find this information at their website.

Living a Heart Healthy Life

Many people go into the doctor for their regular checkup thinking everything will be fine. You might be still relatively young and keep in good shape, after all. You may be shocked to find there are certain risk factors to which you need to pay attention. Smoking, even two cigarettes, pipes or cigars a week, significantly raises your risk of cardiovascular disease. Lack of exercise is not good for your heart, nor is staying up late far too often.

Diet is a big thing to worry about when it comes to the health of your heart. Those several burgers a week start to add up. Not enough vegetables or fruits can also start to take a toll on your health, as can too many fried foods and saturated fats. You’ll be able to see it when your doctor gives you your cholesterol numbers.

You don’t have to be obese or even seriously overweight to start developing heart problems. Cholesterol isn’t the only problem – you should always be on the watch for developing diabetic conditions or kidney difficulties due to diet. Having more than two drinks a day may also have an eventual detrimental effect on your liver. And there is always the specter of high blood pressure, which affects many people at some point in their lives. With a healthy lifestyle, even if you have indicators for some of these problems, you can get back to optimal health without medications.

Stress is also a factor to consider, whether work or family related. This can also contribute to poor cardiovascular health.

A visit to a nutritionist is never a bad idea. You can learn new exercises, some recipes that will help, rather than hinder, your heart, and ways to deal with the stress in your life.

Some Advantages of an Adult Day Care Facility

Adult Day cares are on the rise and they are a very good thing to have in our Community, most Communities favor these facilities because not only it provides needed service to the Elderly but they also provide employment for the Community.

It has been documented that there are more Elderly People in our Society today than ever before, a lot of them live alone and is not in the best of health. Adult Day Care can be ideal for those who live alone but are not ready for Nursing Home placement. They could attend one and receive at least two full nutritious meals and a snack. They could interact with other People of their age, this stimulates the mind, and help to keep it focus. Daily activities are provided to keep their limbs loose and their mind alert. Nursing service is provided to assist with their medication ensuring it is taken properly. Social service is also provided; they will keep up with their needs such as Doctor Visits. Inspirational time is also available if the desire to attend.

In order for a Facility to be paid by Medicaid, their Client would have to be there for at least four hours but normal working hours are eight hours.

Most Adult Day Care Facilities provides transportation for their Clients to and from the Facility. If someone would need to go the Doctor, the Facility will provide the transportation for him or contact another service that specializes in transportation.

These Facilities offers employment to others such as a Director, License Nurse, Nurse Assistants, Cook, Housekeeper, Office Manager, Activity Director, and a Driver. These employees should be on hand at all times. A Social Worker is not needed everyday so that Person can work by contract.

This type of service can provide release for a Caregiver, they would have down time when the Client is at the Center but will need to be home when the Client returns.

Doctors favor these Centers and will recommend their Patients to receive care from it.

These Centers are really an asset; they help our Elders to live a more productive life. Most of them enjoy being at these Center because it gives them a chance to do things other than just sitting around the house.

I am a License Practical Nurse. I enjoy helping and encouraging others. I am a Wife, Mother and Grandmother. I am also President of the Parent Teachers Organization, President of the Parent Supporter Task Force and a member of the Parent Leadership Institute.

Dental Health Is a Direct Connection to General Health

Not that long ago oral hygiene was not considered anything important to one’s overall general health. Dental health and oral hygiene is as important as other things in our body. Their proper functioning can avoid lots of complications and if a problem occurs, then many of the tasks be stopped.

Apart from adding up to your beauty and smile by maintaining your teeth, it is also important for your health as dirty and pale teeth can result in many complications like intestinal problems, stomach problems and more.

They can also look good and smell good, likewise if you have maintained them well. In order to look after your teeth well, your teeth be clean of germs and debris that can make them look faded and yellow. Your gums along with your teeth if perfectly healthy they should not bleed while brushing as unhealthy gums bleed as well as hurt. So, if your gums and teeth are in perfect health they won’t bleed, hurt or have any bad breath.

Brushing and Cleaning

Proper brushing is the fundamental step to take to have clean and healthy teeth. There are many people who are not aware of the basic steps in cleaning and brushing teeth. Brushing requires 2 minutes time and it is important that at least this amount of time is given. You should reach with the toothbrush all areas of your mouth and brush all the teeth, paying special focus on back teeth, corner teeth, around the gum-line teeth etc.

Teeth cleaning and brushing helps you to clean your teeth off debris, plaque and bacteria and to make them look shiny, sparkling and white. Brushing the teeth right means brushing up and down and not long site of teeth and gums. The up and down movement with the brush will allow the bristles of the brush in between the teeth to remove any food particles. This will prevent many teeth ailments like gingivitis, cavities or dental caries, periodontal ailments etc.


Selecting toothpaste at random is a problem and a health concern. Chemicals in toothpaste make many people sick, most of the time not realizing the connection. There be hardly any toothpaste you can find of the shelf that are chemical free.

To find a toothpaste that is one hundred percent free of artificial flavor, color, sugar, sweetener, and toxic chemicals would be almost as hard as picking the winning lotto numbers. There is one well-known brand name made in China; this one is even worse than most of the others. Stay well clear from it. Most people are not aware of chemical sensitivity and those with allergies, diabetes etc. what effect this can have.

Dental Health Does Affect General Health

Most of us understand that poor dental health can cause gum disease, gingivitis, mouth sores, buildup of plaque and tooth loss. It doesn’t stop here; bad oral hygiene can lead to many other serious health issues. We should not underestimate, oral health is about much more. It can cause cardiovascular disease and blood disorder. Bacteria from the mouth can get into the blood stream, cause infection spreading throughout the body. Infection of the gum can interfere with brain cells and lead to memory loss.

Because of inflammation caused from gum disease, this can trigger rheumatoid arthritis, which is painful and is a debilitating inflammatory disease. As well it can affect kidneys, blood pressure, bones and weaken the immune system. As bacteria travels through the bloodstream, it can cause respiratory infection and infect lungs causing bronchitis and pneumonia.

Some other studies and information claim that cancer is also triggered by root canal. Evidence shows when cancer patients get the root-canal removed the recovery rate, when treated for cancer, is by far greater and the patient gets better. Although, the cause of the problem shouldn’t be ignored and treated first, before treating the symptom. As with oral health, it’s a well-known fact that oral health affect’s much more than just your mouth. Inflammation in the gums or toxic pockets in the jaw can destroy the immune system almost completely.

4 Impossibly Simple Dental Hygiene Tips for Everyday

Everyone wants to have that fantastic toothpaste-model smile. Did you know that getting such a smile is not all that difficult? Sometimes all that is needed is to maintain high levels of oral hygiene. All dental problems- at least a majority of them- are as a result of poor dental care. These issues could be anything from gum disease, bone loss, heart disease and so much more. Checkups and proper hygiene can prevent these issues. Here are some simple dental hygiene tips that you can employ to ensure that you keep your teeth healthy for years to come. They are exactly what you know:

1. Brushing

This is one of the simplest ways of maintaining oral hygiene. If you are brushing your teeth, you need to place your brush at an angle of 45 degrees close the gum line. The gum line and tooth surface must be in contact with the bristles. On the outer surface of the teeth using a backward -forward, up-and -down motion, making sure to be done gently to evade bleeding.

In order to clean the inside surfaces of the teeth and gums, place the bristles at a 45-degree angle and repeat the backward forward, up-and-down motion. Finally, the brush surfaces of your tongue and the roof of your mouth to remove bacteria, which may lead to bad breath. Brushing your teeth twice a day helps you to curb buildup of bacteria. If you cannot do this, rinse your mouth with water after eating to reduce the amount of food that would serve as the home for the bacteria.

2. Flossing your teeth.

Flossing can help you remove food particles and other damaging substances that regular brushing of teeth cannot. It enables one to reach between the teeth where toothbrush bristles cannot reach or mouthwash can’t wash away. It is recommended that you floss your teeth once in a day.

3. Reduce tobacco intake

This will help your teeth a lot. First, it will save you from oral cancer and periodontal diseases. Second, it will put away all the many horrible side effects caused by agents used to mask the smell of tobacco. For instance, when you smoke a cigarette, you are highly likely to use candy, tea or coffee to mask the smoky breath and odor from getting out. This increases the harm created.

4. Use mouth wash apart from brushing and flossing

They are not important and not all are effective. They contain Listerine and carbon dioxide is very helpful because they help exterminate and preserve the bacteria in your mouth. Mouth wash can help sustain well-built teeth. However, mouth wash goes hand in hand with brushing, flossing, visiting the dentist and eating well, it is just the thing that will improve your dental strength and make it grand.

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